What is a Ford Winter performance package?

What is a Ford's Winter performance package and what does it include?

Most Commonly asked questions about the Ford Winter Performance Package.

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1. What does the Winter performance package include?

As most people would assume dealerships that are offering winter tires are going to provide the cheapest ones, right? At Nisku Ford, that's not the case. You receive Goodyear winter command tires, which have been named one of the top 5 winter tires of 2019. We all know that Alberta winters seem to last forever, so having reliable winter tires are important. Why? They provide increased traction, confidence, and control in winter conditions. DID YOU KNOW? Some insurance companies offer up to a 5% discount for customers with four winter tires installed on their vehicles.


Many people don't realize that tire pressure sensors are a feature that not only keeps you safe but saves you time and money. Tire sensors will immediately alert your dash when there is a significant drop in pressure, and your tire needs air. So if you are travelling a long distance or about to park your vehicle for the night, you can address the issue right away instead of having a flat. And don't forget, for every 5 degrees Celsius that the temperature drops, your tire pressure also drops.


When you purchase winter tires at big brand stores, 9 out of 10 times rims are not included. The average cost of rims depending on the size of tire and quality of the Rim, can range between $250 to $500. And these rims are usually the ugly black spare tire looking rims. With the Ford Winter performance package, not only do you receive high-quality steel rims, but they are also stylish. You also save money every year when you take off your winter tires because you don't need to pay for a tire to rim transfer. Our steel rims also protect the integrity and finish of your original rims and help extend the life of your winter and non-winter tires by minimizing the potential damage caused by remounting. You will also save on installation costs during tire changeover.
No, installation is free.
Up to $1800, depending on the model.
Yes, we do, we charge $99 per season
If you already have winter tires, we will take the price of the winter safety performance package off the cost of your new vehicle.