When it comes to maintaining your vehicle there is often the misconception that dealerships try to “Up sell” you on buying various filters. Well it turns out that changing your filters is actually very beneficial. Here we will break down the different filters found in vehicles today and explain their benefits.
Engine air filter
Every engine has one, and you want to keep them clean. Dirt, debris and dust coming into the engine compartments can lead to sub-par performance. Having an old air filter can reduce engine power, increase engine wear and decrease throttle response when you push on the gas pedal. Having your engine air filter checked when servicing is the best way of knowing when to replace.
Cabin air filter
These are used to filter out dust and debris from coming into your cabin to make sure the air stays healthy. Driving conditions will affect how often you need to change these. If you regularly drive on dusty roads  or construction zones you may need to change them more often.
Fuel filter
Located in the fuel line it helps prevent sediments like rust and dirt from getting into your fuel tank. It is recommended that you change your fuel filter every 40,000km on diesels.
Oil filter
Your engine works very hard whilst running and gets very hot with so many parts moving every second. clean oil is used to lubricate those moving parts and help keeps the temperatures down. Your oil filter helps sift out particles and impurities, if your oil filter gets clogged up it could allow contaminates and impurities to flow through. Dirty oil can cause damaged such as diminished fuel economy and could also block the flow of oil to your engine which could let to engine failure.
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